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Felicita - £457.38

Fine millgrain pattern on outer edges of the band and the hi...

Deseo pam

Deseo pam - £455.07

5mm flat court palladium ring approx 6.6g in weight. Po...

Amore pam

Amore pam - £455.07

A fine, shallow, V shaped groove catches the light to attrac...

Soleil pam

Soleil pam - £304.92

High polish finish on chamfered edges of the satin band adds...

Espacio pam

Espacio pam - £510.51

The raised millgrain edge of the ring is finished with a hig...

Armonice pam

Armonice pam - £510.51

A bright finished ring with eye-catching design. The chamfer...

Siempre pam

Siempre pam - £455.07

Millgrain detail set into the edges of the ring. A high poli...

Attrarre pam

Attrarre pam - £457.38

The high shine finish on the outer edges is contrasted with ...

Miele pam

Miele pam - £510.51

 A series of three rounded grooves set into the outer e...

Amitie pam

Amitie pam - £510.51

Satin finish surface, detailed with eight diamond cut featur...

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