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Burkmar Jewellery

Yu Lan Burkmar's work features two interesting techniques and use of materials from anodised aluminium, silver gold and platinum. With silver Yu Lan, uses a process called white cooking, using Brittannia silver, which is purer than sterling silver. The process of white cooking raises to the surface the fine silver content which is then treated with sulphuric acid. The process is achieved a few times to create a white matt finish.

With her Anodised Aluminium the metal is pre-anodised with use of an electrical current, enabling her to paints to stained into the metal by hand thereby creating intricate designs.


rebuspend - £90.00

 Sterling silver and 9ct rose gold necklace with an 18 ...


featherr - £70.00

 Sterling silver with frosted finsh open ring


rebuser - £80.00

 Sterling silver and 9ct rose gold drop earrings

Earring - Triple Leaf

Earring - Triple Leaf - £60.00

Sterling silver hooks with coloured anodised alumnium t...

Earring - 30mm Single

Earring - 30mm Single - £30.00

Sterling silver chook with coloured anodised alumnium drops ...

Pendant - Triple Leaf

Pendant - Triple Leaf - £50.00

Sterling silver chain with coloured anodised alumnium triple...

Pendant - 30mm Single

Pendant - 30mm Single - £30.00

Sterling silver chain with coloured anodised alumnium drop p...

Necklace - Double Link

Necklace - Double Link - £140.00

Sterling silver chain with double coloured anodised alumnium...

Necklace - Repeat Link

Necklace - Repeat Link - £145.00

coloured anodised alumnium necklace with silver catch

Bracelet - Repeat Link

Bracelet - Repeat Link - £70.00

Coloured Anodised Aluminium bracelet with silver catch

Pendant - Double Link

Pendant - Double Link - £45.00

Sterling silver chain with coloured anodised alumnium drops ...

Bracelet - Double Link

Bracelet - Double Link - £145.00

Silver chain with coloured anodised aluminium design, d...

Bracelet - Single Link

Bracelet - Single Link - £90.00

Silver chain with coloured anodised aluminium designed ...

Earring - Double Link

Earring - Double Link - £48.00

Silver hook with coloured anodised aluminium design earrings...

Pendant Wave

Pendant Wave - £60.00

Sterling silver wave drop pendant and 16 inch/41cm silver ch...

Wave Cuff

Wave Cuff - £115.00

Simple wave cuff sterling silver open bangle

Concave Full

Concave Full - £130.00

Full sterling silver concave cuff  bangle

Earrings Wave

Earrings Wave - £80.00

Sterling silver simple wave long drop earrings (aprox. 5cm l...

Earrings Twisted

Earrings Twisted - £80.00

Long drop sterling silver twisted wave earrings (approx 5cm ...

Concave Cuff

Concave Cuff - £100.00

Sterling silver open cuff bangle

Wave Full

Wave Full - £130.00

Full brittania silver cuff bangle


featherb - £120.00

 Sterling silver with frosted finish bangle


featherp - £60.00

 Sterling silver with frosted finish necklace with an 1...


feathere - £90.00

Sterling silver with a frosted finish earrings


rebusring - £75.00

 Sterling silver and 9ct rose gold ring


552 - £75.00

 Silver and 9ct rose gold heart necklace

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